Griley Air Freight
Trucking Company.

Griley Air Freight is a family owned Trucking Company specializing in the Air Freight and Transportation Communities since 1973. With over 100 units operating we have grown rapidly over the years because we care about meeting the specific needs and requirements of you, our customers. We have made technological advances which include multiple avenues for electronic data interchange, an elaborate GPS system, E Logs for safety on the road, and warehouse management/inventory systems.

Griley People

Tom Griley


Tom Griley started Southern Counties terminals DBA Griley Airfreight back in 1973, now with over 35 years of experience he's irreplaceable to our team. His dedication and critical thinking skills exceed all of our expectations daily

Katie Griley


Katie received her Bachelors degree from Arizona State University. Now with over 11 years of experience in the industry, Katie Griley overlooks the GAF staff & operations, our top customers, and all major sales opportunities

Alfonso Munoz

Vice President

With over 8 years in the industry, Alfonso has worked his way up from GAF customer service all the way to Vice President. Alfonso helps GAF maximize the company's operating performance, allowing us to achieve our financial goals. He is also the lead TSA coordinator and an expert in cargo screening.

Kevin Griley


Kevin's obsession with programming and data analysis has allowed him to excel in his role as CFO & CTO. He is responsible for the company's financial performance, as well as the company's technology and data analysis. Kevin is also the lead programmer for the GAF website and manages all of our internal software.

Fernando Rodriguez

Senior Operations Manager

With over 15 years of experience in the airfreight industry - Fernando leads our office, dispatch and warehouse team's operationally and has been a significant aid in Griley's success over the past 10 years

Matthew Griley

Safety Director

Matthew has worked at some of the top/well known trucking company's in the United States making him an exceptionally knowledgeable Safety Director. Matthew has guided the way for Griley to win significant safety accomplishments with new advancements in tech and training.